FastGene qPCR Tubes & Plates

White Wells and Clear Caps 

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Tubes and plates fit most qPCR systems
The FastGene 96-well V-bottom plates have a semi-skirt that provides plenty of room for them to comfortably fit into most models of real-time qPCR instruments. Their opaque pure white polypropylene material will maximize signal, promising the earliest Ct values possible. The white 8-tube strips are provided with clear flat caps and are available in either normal profile (0.2 mL) and low profile (0.1 mL) in height.

These semi-skirted plates or strip tubes are compatible with:

  • StepOne Plus (ABI)
  • Opticon (BioRad)
  • Opticon2 (BioRad)
  • Chromo4 (BioRad)
  • CFX96 (BioRad)
  • LightCycler 480 (Roche)
  • qTOWER 2.0 (Analytik-Jena)
  • qTOWER 2.2 (Analytik-Jena)
  • LightCycler 96 (Roche)

Part Numbers FG-210250 FG-088WF FG-019FC
Material Polypropylene, white opaque Polypropylene, optically clear Polypropylene, white opaque
Well/Tube Format 96-well, V-bottom (PCR style) 8-strip tubes with attached individual clear flat caps Low-profile 8-strip tubes with clear flat cap strips
Well/Tube Profile Low profile, 0.1 mL volume 0.2 mL volume Low profile, 0.1 mL volume
Skirt Format semi-skirt N/A N/A
DNase Free Yes
RNase Free Yes
Nucleic-acid Free Yes