FastGene PCR Tubes & Plates

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Made in Japan
The performance and reproducibility of your PCR result is significantly influenced by plastics. As a result of a unique manufacturing process, our FastGene PCR single tubes fulfill the highest requirements for quality. All FastGene PCR plastic products are manufactured by using ultra pure polypropylene and proteins are not able to bind to the surface. The tubes and strips have very thin walls but they are extremely stable and robust. Because of a very stringent QC procedure in Japan, the batch-to-batch reproducibility of all of these plastics are extremely high.

Tubes and plates fit most PCR and qPCR systems
FastGene tubes and plates are designed for standard thermal blocks and thus are compatible with nearly all standard thermal cyclers.

The FastGene 96-well V-bottom plates have a full or semi-skirt that provides plenty of room for them to comfortably fit into most models of PCR and real-time qPCR instruments. The opaque pure white version will maximize signal, promising the earliest Ct values possible.

The full skirted, ultra-thin and consistent 384-well plate guarantees optimal thermal transfer for precise results. A very tight sealing can be reached with the FastGene 384 well mats.

The white and clear 8-tube strips and single tubes are provided with clear flat caps or domed caps and are available in either normal profile (0.2 mL) and low profile (0.1 mL) in height.

Material ultra-pure Polypropylene
Small Volume Capable Yes
Suitable for qPCR Yes
DNase Free Yes
RNase Free Yes
Nucleic-acid Free Yes