FastGene RNA Premium Purification Kit

For Ultrapure & Highly Concentrated Total RNA

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Unique 3-column technology brings RNA isolation to a new level
The FastGene Premium RNA kit was developed for rapid, efficient, and clean purification of total RNA from tissues and cells for challenging applications such as Next Gen Sequencing (NGS). The kit’s silica-based technology dispenses with phenols in favor of superior DNase treatment to ensure the near-complete elimination of genomic DNA. It is the only RNA purification kit available that uses three separate column technologies. This results in extracted RNA of the highest concentration and purity – free from contaminating nucleic acids, proteins and other bio-molecules.

RNA of the highest quality
The FastGene RNA kits deliver RNA of the highest grade. The quality of RNA is measured by determining a RIN (RNA integrity number), which gives an idea of the integrity of the RNA. High quality RNA will give a RIN above 8 (10 being the maximum value). Both the FastGene RNA Basic and the RNA Premium Kits purify RNA to a grade comparable to the market leaders. The final RNA product is ready for downstream applications such as reverse transcription, qPCR, cDNA synthesis, or NGS.

Get loads of RNA
Obtaining good yields from an RNA purification method is essential for running downstream assays in duplicate or triplicate. The FastGene RNA Basic and Premium Kits are optimized to deliver very large total yields. More RNA enables more reliable analyses from each RNA prep. Once again, the results from these kits are inline with market leading kits that often cost as much as 2x the price of the FastGene kits.

Highest concentration and near-perfect recovery
The FastGene Mini Elute column is an important component of the kit. Its unique design allows elution volumes as low as 10 µl.  Getting highly concentrated RNA stocks from a small amount of tissue or cellular material is a remarkable feat. Moreover, the recovery rate is very high (>95 %) even at very low elution volumes. The FastGene Premium RNA Kit provides a unique combination of benefits – high concentrations, high yields, high purity, and high recovery rates. See the results for yourself below:

Part Number NGFG81006 NGFG81050 NGFG81250
Number Sample Preps 6 50 250
Lysis Buffer 4 ml 25 ml 125 ml
Wash Buffer 1 4 ml 35 ml 170 ml
Wash Buffer 2 2 ml 20 ml 2 x 50 ml
RNA Re-Binding Buffer 1 ml 8 ml 36 ml
Elution buffer (RNase free water) 1.5 ml 30 ml 200 ml
DNase I reconstitution solution 1.5 ml 1.5 ml 1.5 ml
10 x DNase I reaction buffer 50 µl 500 µl 2 x 1 ml
DNase I (lyophilized) 110 Kunitz units 110 Kunitz units 560 Kunitz units
FastGene RNA filter column 6 50 250
FastGene RNA binding column 6 50 250
FastGene RNA mini-elute column 6 50 250
1.5 ml collection tubes 12 100 500
2 ml collection tubes 18 150 750
FastGene mini-elute column (neutral color) Storage 2-8°C
FastGene RNA Premium Kit Storage Room Temp
Shelf Life 1 Year