FastGene RNA Viral Kit

Micro-spin column-based purification of viral RNA from cell-free liquids

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Easy and rapid extraction from clinical samples
The FastGene RNA Viral Kit is designed for rapid isolation of RNA from viruses found in cell-free fluids. This silica membrane-based RNA purification method is optimized for virus-derived RNA. The procedure is easy to perform and the level of purification is outstanding — comparable to that of the major competitors. Able to work with different starting sample sources including fresh or frozen plasma, serum, urine, cell culture supernatant, and swab transfer media — these kits purify unblemished RNA that is free from contaminants and impurities, and is ideal for use with PCR and RT-PCR.

The simple, micro-spin column-based protocol can be completed in about 20 minutes. A powerful chaotropic lysis buffer dissolves and denatures the virus envelope without the need for additional enzyme treatment. Intact RNA molecules are released while damaging RNAses and DNAses are inactivated by the same lysis buffer. A silica membrane is used for rapid and effective purification of these nucleic acids without phenol extraction or ethanol precipitation. The FastGene RNA Virus kits deliver RNA with high RIN (RNA integrity number) values and is ideal for downstream applications, such as reverse transcription and qPCR.

Part Number FG-82300, FG-82050
Number of Preps 300
Contents Lysis buffer, binding buffer, wash buffers, elution buffer, micro-spin columns
Pathogen Type Virus
Nucleic Acid Type RNA
Sample Types swab-storage media, cell-free fluid, cell-culture supernatant,plasma, serum, urine
Proteinase K Treatment No
Final Elution Volume 30 μL
Storage 1 year at RT