FastGene Stay Cool Rack

The coolest rack on the block

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Keeps tubes cold while on the bench top
The FastGene Stay Cool Rack allows biological samples contained within any standard 96-well format consumable (tubes or plates) to remain cool on the bench. There is no need for batteries or an electric cord for the Stay Cool Rack to keep the temperature below 4 °C for 3 -4 hours. Simply store in your lab’s freezer (-20°C when not in use).  Inside the rack is a non-toxic thermal gel and the resin case contains a color indicator which will change from deep purple to bright pink if the temperature transitions above 7°C.

This color indicator works for every single well.  As the rack warms, you will see that the outer wells will change their color first, whereas the wells in the center of the rack still maintain a cooler 4°C.

Tips for using the FastGene Stay Cool Rack: 

  • Freeze for a minimum of 8 hours at -20 °C before use
  • Leave lid in place when in use
  • Store in the freezer when not being used

Part# FG-20
Temperature for color change 7 °C
Length of time to keep samples <4°C 3-4 hours
Suitable for 96 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes

0.2 ml PCR tube strips

96-well plates

Dimensions with lid (L x W x H) 141  x 99 x 44 mm
Dimensions without lid (L x W x H) 141 x 99 x 38mm