FastGene Two-Component PCR Plates

Low Profile, Two-component Plates

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The best of two materials
The FastGene® Two-Component PCR Plate is a Japanese made two-part 96-well plate in a low profile, semi-skirted configuration that is geared to offer the best PCR performance.

  • Super-thin polypropylene wells allow for a quick & uniform heat transfer and reproducible temperature distribution.
  • With a rigid polycarbonate frame, optimal for automated handling
  • Available with or without a laser-etched alpha-numeric and unique barcode identification.
  • Compatible with major qPCR cyclers

Part Numbers FG-HD0196 FG-HD0196BC
Wells Ultra-thin Polypropylene Ultra-thin Polypropylene
Frame Rigid Polycarbonate Rigid Polycarbonate
Well/Tube Format 96-well, V-bottom (PCR style) 96-well, V-bottom (PCR style)
Well/Tube Profile Low profile, 0.1 mL volume Low profile, 0.1 mL volume
Skirt Format semi-skirt semi-skirt
Barcode No Yes, laser-etched unique barcode and alpha numeric identification
DNase Free Yes
RNase Free Yes
Nucleic-acid Free Yes