FastGene UV Transilluminator

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High quality ultraviolet light tables
For the detection of DNA stained with Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), ultraviolet transilluminators are still the most popular choice. When comparing different models of UV tables, the sensitivity of a fluorescence signal is strongly dependent on the quality of the UV lamps and filter platen. Fortunately it is easy to see the difference. Simply put, a high quality UV transilluminator shows almost no visible light, such that when the instrument is switched on the position of the UV lamps should not be easy to detect by eye. If the lamps are visible, this suggest that too much of the long wave-length light is emitted which will result in lower sensitivity (see figure below). Why? The additional visible light increases overall background, reducing the signal-to-noise. The FastGene UV Transilluminator passes this test with flying colors – or should we say pitch black perfection. Don’t regret buying a cheap knockoff.

Proper visible light filtering for UV transilluminators

UV light source of a conventional illuminator (left) and the FastGene UV TransiIlluminator (right). The FastGene’s filter and bulb combination blocks all unwanted wavelengths of light.


Get your DNA the easy way
With the FastGene UV Transilluminator and our FastGene Agarose Gel Band Cutter, it’s extremely easy to excise your bands. Fast and precise, these disposable band cutters are the 21st century’s way of getting the exact DNA band desired. There’s simply no reason to use razors or to put yourself or your lab staff at risk during routine handling of DNA for subcloning, genetic analysis and many other applications.

Part Numbers FG-300
Wavelength 302nm
UV Lamps 6 x 8 Watt
UV transmissibility 0.01%
Viewing Surface 260 x 210 mm
Size 288 x 340 x 80 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 4.3 kg
Power 100- 240V, 50-60Hz
Warranty 1-year