FastGene Western Blot System

Protein blot wet-transfer apparatus

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Get great transfer efficiency across the entire gel
The FastGene Western Blot System is used to move protein bands from a polyacrylamide gel to a filter membrane via the “wet” electrophoretic transfer method. This self-contained system includes all the necessary components for reliable protein transfer and come with a detailed guide for successful western blot analysis. Use is a snap! The gel and membrane are sandwiched in the blot connector via an easy-to-use lock mechanism.

Preventing overheating of the gel-membrane sandwich is extremely important, and the cool pack, which is installed during the run, is the best way to mitigate this common problem. The cool pack absorbs the heat generated during electrophoretic transfer, avoiding the possibility of a poor or failed transfer.

Below you find an image of the general Western Blot setup. For more detailed information, please have a look at the manual.

Part Numbers PG08
Integrated Power Supply No
Includes Blot frame with electrodes (PG09)

Blot connector (qty =2)

Blot sponge (qty =5)

Blot cool pack (qyt=2)

FastGene  Gel/Blot Chamber Lid (with electrodes and power cable)

FastGene Gel/Blot Chamber Tank*

*The FastGene Western Blot System (PG08) uses the same FastGene Chamber Tank (PG05) and FastGene Gel/Blot Chamber Lid as the FastGene PAGE Protein System (PG01).