FastMix Frenche PCR Kits

Room Temp Stable to Save You Money

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Simply add DNA and watch it go
FastMix Frenche PCR Kits have upped the ante at the PCR reagent table. It is easy to understand how master mixes help speed up the PCR prep time and reduce variations from tube-to-tube and experiment-to-experiment. But with FastMix Frenche PCR Kits, you can go further. This patented freeze-dried preparation ships and stores at which helps to reduce costs and minimize temperature-related artifacts. Its polymerase formulation is robust enough to handle with the same consistency you expect to see from more expensive products. And because of its low, per-reaction cost, it’s ideal for everyday PCR applications. There’s also a Hot-Start version of the FastMix Frenche for researchers looking for simply the easiest PCR set-up possible. This heat-activated polymerase remains inert at room temperature, so you can set-up on the bench without ice. Try a sample to find out how easy and reliable FasMix Frenche PCR Kits can be.

No cold storage required!
Storage and ease of use are two often overlooked factors when working with reagents for molecular biology. When all other things are equal, it’s nice to know that your reagents can be just as effective on day 180 as on day 1. And better yet, kits designed for minimum pipetting are just a smarter approach. iNtRON has recently advanced their elegant solution to these challenges. A proprietary freeze-dried technique utilized in their FastMix Frenche PCR kits stabilizes the entire master mix at the bottom of 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Then each strip of tubes is individually vacuum sealed to guarantee that no water infiltration can spoil the master mix over time. Simply add your template & primers and your experiments are off to the races. Eliminating preparation of master mixes and other components frees up time and reduces errors. We guarantee that Frenche PCR FastMixes can be stored on your bench at room temperature for months. We want you to be confident every time you purchase a FastMix PCR from us!

Additional Information

FastMix Frenche Hot-Start PCR Kit shows enhanced yields (even in a multiplex reaction) when compared to another suppliers product.

Part Numbers 25401, 25411
Format Lyophilized & vacuum-packed in 8-Strip 0.2ml tubes
Contents i-Taq or Hot Start i-StarTaq DNA polymerase , dNTPs (250µM), reaction buffer, MgCl2( (2.0 mM), reaction buffer with gel loading dye
Volume 20 µl reactions
Protocol 1 Step – add template and primers
Storage 6 months at room temperature or 2 years at -20°C