G-spin Total DNA Extraction Kit

gDNA Purfication Made Simple

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A protocol for every extraction
The G- spin Total DNA Extraction Kit is specifically designed to purify genomic DNA from a range of sources – animal cells and tissues, blood, hair, and gram negative bacteria. This kit offers lysis buffer and binding buffer to extract high yields and pure DNA templates from your samples. Even whole blood samples can be used without an RBC lysis step!

G-spin results from different sources of gDNA
DNA collected from cultured animal cells, blood, tissue, gram-negative bacteria and biological swab samples is shown below as a gel image and with actual yields delivered by the kit.

200 Column Kit
50 Column Kit
Part Numbers 17046 17045
Buffer CL 90 ml 25 ml
Buffer BL 90 ml 25 ml
Buffer WA 160 ml 40 ml
Buffer WB 40 ml 10 ml
Buffer CE 40 ml 20 ml
Spin Columns 200 tubes 50 tubes
Collection Tubes 200 tubes 50 tubes
RNAase A, Lyophilized 12 mg 3 mg
Storage Room Temperature
Shelf Life 2 Years