GeneCellin DNA Transfection Reagent

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High efficiency and maximum viability

GeneCellin is a patented, polymer-based, in vitrotransfection reagent which uses a completely novel type of reagent formulation. When compared with lipid-based transfection reagents, GeneCellin can achieve higher delivery efficiencies of plasmid DNA into cell lines and primary cells. Composed of nanoparticles—coined “nanoporters”—GeneCellin shuttles DNA into suspension and adherent cells via the lysosome pathway. You’ll find that these simple-to-use nanoporters provide reproducible transgene expression levels with little (if any) cytotoxic effect. And because it’s a rapid, single-tube protocol compatible with serum, it’s a pleasure to work with at your lab bench! See our growing list of tested cell types, published references, and associated . GeneCellin can be used for many common applications, including stable and transient transfections, co-transfections, and even reverse transfections. It’s not uncommon for us to hear researchers comment that they get twice the efficiency levels of lipid-based reagents, and at a much lower cost.

Transfect in serum

The presence of serum and antibiotics in the cell culture medium does not interfere with GeneCellin transfection efficiencies. Cells can be maintained in their regular culture medium during the transfection.

It’s smart to use less DNA

GeneCellin is so powerful that you can literally tune down your input DNA for each experiment. This reduces costs, and as a pleasant side effect we’ve found that using less DNA actually reduces adverse cytotoxic effects triggered by over-expression—all while maintaining high efficiency! See an example of HeLa cells transfected with sub-microgram levels of DNA below. GeneCellin is a model of efficient delivery, in the truest tradition of modern cell culture.

Customers love it

” Je souhaite vous transmettre toute ma satisfaction envers le réactif Genecellin, qui me permet de transfecter mes cellules avec un niveau d’efficacité jamais obtenu auparavant avec d’autres Réactifs.
Merci, c’est un merveilleux produit!” Université de Sherbrooke – Canada

“…very satisfied … this was the best transfection reagent she [sic] tested.“ Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences – Slovakia

“…GeneCellin performed excellently in that it did not affect the expression …, was one of the least cytotoxic, and produced moderate to good transfection efficiency…” Monash University – Australia

Additional Information

Figure 1: GFP expression in various cell lines transfected with 0.5 µg of plasmid DNA and 2 µL of

GeneCellin™ Transfection Reagent in a 24-well plate.

Part Numbers GC0500, GC1000, GC5000
Chemistry Type Polymer-based
Delivered Molecules DNA only
Cell Type Cell culture, in vitro
Cell Morphology Suspension and adherent
Amount per Transfection 0.5 µl to 1 µl (24-well plate)
Amount of Input DNA 0.25 µg to 1 µg (24-well plate)
Storage 1 year at 4°C