GenePure PRO 32 Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System

NPA-32P magnetic bead-based sample prep for up to 32 samples

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Automated extraction without liquid handling steps
The GenePure PRO is one of a new generation of automated nucleic acid purification systems built around principles of magnetic bead separation. This instrument combines the simplicity of a single-tube extraction procedure with dozens of compatible magnetic bead-based kits to allow for high recovery and purity from nearly any starting sample type. Common sample types include blood, animal tissue, plant tissue, and cultured cells.

The simple programs can process samples simultaneously — and in a matter of minutes. The protocol basics are: i) lyse cells, ii) bind DNA/RNA to beads, iii) wash away contaminants, iv) elute pure DNA or RNA. Everything happens in a deep-well format with mixing, binding, releasing, and even incubation temperature fully automated. No step during this process requires centrifugation or liquid handling — greatly reducing the need for preventative maintenance and service contracts. The GenePure PRO is made to run for years of uninterrupted sample preparation.

Each kit comes with a pre-qualified program, so it’s as simple as loading the program, loading the sample & reagents, and pressing “GO”. The  GenePure PRO will do the rest. This automated purification technology is well-proven, and for this reason, it’s even compatible with similar reagent kits from other manufacturers.

With a beautiful touch-screen interface, simple operation, and the ability to customize hardware and software to meet demanding requirements of  the wide array of users, this system rises to deliver high-purity and refined nucleic acid purification in any lab.

GenePure PRO System

FDA Registered COVID Kit

Purification Kits - General Use

Purification Kits - Nucleic acids from clinical samples

Purification Kits - Nucleic acids from virus & pathogens

Purification Kits - Nucleic acids from other samples

Part Numbers NPA-32P
Sample throughput 1-32
Processing volume 20-1000 ul
Recycle efi of magnetic beads ≥98%
Purification difference between wells <3%
Heating temperature control range Lysis heating temp.: R.T. +5~125℃

Elution heating temp.: R.T.+5-125℃

Environment temperature range 10-40℃, 10-90% humidity
Interface 8-inch built-in touch screen
Consumables 96 deep-well plate and 8-strip tips
Reagents Magnetic bead kits
Computer requirements None
Data export method USB or Bluetooth
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 600 watts
Weight 32.5 kg
Size 43 × 39.5 ×43.5 cm
Warranty 1 year parts and labor