GeneTouch Thermal Cycler

PCR System with Interchangeable Blocks

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As easy as it is flexible
Flexibility is a core element of the GeneTouch PCR system. Offering no less than five different styles of interchangeable blocks, the GeneTouch chassis and block design provides you with plenty of options. The most traditional option is the stalwart with a programmable thermal gradient for optimizing annealing or denaturing temperatures. The most popular block, an update to the classic in the form of a dual  format, is capable of holding up to 48 0.2 mL tubes on either side, with each side acting as its own independent thermal cycler. And don’t forget the high throughput , the 4-slide , or the  (for 0.5 mL and 0.2 mL tubes)! With an upgraded touchscreen interface and simple programming, the GeneTouch system is as easy to use as 1-2-3—and flexible enough to have your whole lab covered.

Designed for today (and years to come)
Manufactured by one of the largest thermal cycler companies in the world, all PCR systems are powered by top-of-the-line thermoelectrics from the world’s number one supplier of these heat pumps. With nearly 10,000 units already shipped since 2005, and a reliability rate in excess of 95%, you can trust in Bioer’s well-tested design principles. We do! In our hands, these thermal cyclers have had less than a 2% rate of failure. We also offer a if it will take us more than 5 days to repair your unit. There’s no reason for you to worry about your thermal cycler anymore!

Big ticket performance
We invite you to read the specifications of any Bioer cycling system carefully, and compare them to the “name-brand” machines for which you’re probably paying almost twice as much. Pay particular attention to , and – the guiding parameters for fast and repeatable PCR results. We think you’ll agree; Bioer cyclers deliver the best value on the market.

It ain’t rocket science any more
PCR used to be considered an art, but in the 30 years since its general acceptance into scientific experimentation it’s become one of the best-characterized bio-enzymatic processes. To this end, we ask you this simple question: why pay prices that don’t reflect this fact? All of Bulldog Bio’s PCR products are priced fairly and promise satisfying results. It’s that simple.

Additional Information

96-well Block (catalog # BTC03096)
The GeneTouch 96-well block is an exchangeable heat pump for the GeneTouch Chassis. Simple to insert, the 96-well block will accept up to 96x 0.2 ml PCR tubes, 12x 8-tube strips, or a 96-well PCR microplate. An integrated, fully adjustable heated lid (both temperature and height may be adjusted) allows the 96-well block to accept low and high profile tubes, and a wide range of sealing options including films, pads, and caps–making the 96-well GeneTouch system an ideal workhorse for the lab.

The block itself has tremendous thermal performance characteristics, with heating and cooling rates in excess of 4°C per second–and remains capable of providing industry-leading thermal uniformity across the block of less than +/- 0.2°C. Optimization with the 96-well block is a snap, too; with its thermal gradient feature, you can reversibly create thermal gradients at any step of your reaction.

48-well Dual Block (catalog # BTC03448)
Wouldn’t it be nice to get twice the number of experiments out of your existing thermal cycler? With the 48-well Dual Block, you can do exactly that!

Bioer has executed a superb incarnation of a dual PCR system–in other words, two thermal cyclers in one unit. The 48-well Dual Block allows you to load up to 48x 0.2 mL PCR tubes on either side of the system, close the integrated heated lid, and run a second entirely separate PCR experiment on the other side. This option is far and away the most economical avenue to increase PCR capacity if sample numbers are not the driving factor.

384-well Block (catalog # BTC03384)
Here’s a high throughput block that’s affordable, reliable, and provides great thermal performance characteristics. The GeneTouch 384-well block is the epitome of high-throughput PCR equipment. It’s able to accept nearly any 384-well PCR microplate, and the manually adjustable lid seals in water vapor and snuggly seats the plate into the aluminum anodized sample block. Your best option to increase capacity for genotyping or Sanger sequencing!

In situ Block (catalog # BTC034SL)
The GeneTouch in situblock provides a simple solution for reliably heating or cooling slide-sized vessels. Perfect for FISH or micro-array experiments, the in situblock accepts four standard-sized microscope slides.

30-well/48-well Combi-Block (catalog # BTC03348)
The 30/48 Combi-Block acts as two separate thermal cyclers in one small and inexpensive package. It will accept either 30 x 0.5 mL tubes for larger volume PCR, or 48 x 0.2 mL PCR tubes. The ultimate in tube PCR flexibility!

Bioer is the Best Kept Secret in Thermal Cycling
Bioer has serviced Asia and Europe for years. Located in the High Technology district of Hangzhou, the company began as a joint venture with Ferrotec Ltd. The partnership was obvious, as Ferrotec supplies up to 80% of all thermoelectrics used in thermal cyclers today. Since its inception, Bioer has designed six different lines of thermal cyclers, has developed several OEM relationships with well-known companies, and has manufactured more 10,000 thermal cyclers; you may actually own a Bioer thermal cycler and not even know it. We are happy that Bioer has teamed with Bulldog Bio to introduce its broad line of quality thermal cyclers to the US market!

Every Crisis Creates an Opportunity
We admit–at some point a thermal cycler will break. It’s likely to be years before you have any issues, but if it does happen we want to make sure that you know why you purchased from Bulldog Bio in the first place! That’s why we offer a two year standard warranty, including access to a loaner thermal cycler if we can’t get your system repaired within five days. And if your system is out of warranty, we offer a no-hassle “one price” repair that includes one year of extended warranty. If something does go wrong, you won’t be left in the cold!

The Litmus Test for Quality Design and Construction

Thermal uniformity, also known as block temperature homogeneity, measures the maximum variance in temperature between any two wells of the thermal cycler’s sample block. Without excellent thermal uniformity, small differences between incubation temperatures can lead to alterations in amplification efficiencies and non-uniform results for PCR.


Thermal uniformity is often the most challenging parameter to hone, as it tends to be reciprocally related to thermal ramp rates–fast systems tend to produce broader variations between wells, and thus poorer thermal uniformity. The unique design and highly-controlled assembly of Bioer systems avoids this problem neatly, leading to phenomenally little variation between wells.

Expect Consistent Results
Thermal accuracy measures the absolute temperature of a sample block, and is used to compare thermal performance between thermal cyclers. Poor thermal accuracy can lead to problems when transferring highly optimized PCR protocols between different systems, even systems of the same model. Bioer thermal cyclers are calibrated against internationally recognized standards and with a high degree of precision.

Win the Race to Target Temperature
One important parameter in determining the overall length of a PCR protocol is the transition time between denaturing, annealing, and extension temperatures. Bioer cyclers have been carefully designed to maximize ramp speeds while minimizing negative impacts on uniformity and accuracy.

Interchangeable Blocks Yes
Part Numbers BTC33BAS, BTC33096, BTC33384, BTC33448, BTC334SL, BTC33348
Capacity – 96x 0.2ml tubes (low profile and standard)or 1x 96-well microplate
– Dual 48x 0.2 ml tubes (low profile or standard)
– 384-well microplate
– 4x slides
– Combi 48x 0.2 ml tubes and 30x 0.5 ml tubes
Temperature Range 4°C – 99°C
Thermal Gradient Yes  (96-well and 384-well only)
Max Grad. Range
Min Grad. Range
Heating Rate ≥4°C/sec
Cooling Rate ≥4°C/sec
Thermal Uniformity  +/- 0.2°C (at 90°C)
Thermal Accuracy  +/- 0.2°C (at 90°C)
Heated Lid  Yes, Fully Adjustable
Heated Lid Temp  Adjustable 30°-110°C
Temperature Control Mode Block or Sample
Communication Ports RS232, USB(Flash), LAN (control up to 30 systems)
Display Touch-screen
Graphical Programming Yes
Programs ≥100 individual programs
Power Supply VAC 100-240, 50-60 Hz, 600W
Size 34.5 x 25.0 x 27.0 cm(LxWxH)
Weight 22 lbs
Warranty 2 Years