Injectin in vivo siRNA Delivery Kit

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Efficient silencing with a single injection

Injectin in vivo siRNA Delivery Kit takes live animal knockdowns to the next level. The kit contains a new  lipid-based formulation which enables the effortless delivery of siRNA into living organisms. Experts in siRNA delivery, BioCellChallenge has spent years specially formulating this reagent for local and systemic siRNA administrations in mice. The resulting high efficiency and superbly stable product assures that Injectin is able to maintain in vivo silencing of gene expression for an extended time, without the need for tedious and multiple injections.

Part Numbers IJ100, IJ500
Chemistry Type Lipid-based
Delivered Molecules siRNA
Administration Local and systemic
Multiple Injections Needed No
Inflammatory Response None
Cytotoxicity None
Storage 1 year at 4°C