LPS Extraction Kit

Phenol-based Lipopolysacchride Purification

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Higher yield in a shorter time
Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are a major constituent of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. The common hot phenol or oil/chloroform/phenol methods for purifying these molecules are both complex and time consuming. The LPS Extraction Kit offers a new approach to extracting LPS with higher yields, fewer steps and in far less time. Based on a robust water/phenol/chloroform extraction technology, the LPS extraction kit is flexible enough to run small culture volumes (<5ml) or large (up to 100 ml) with similar yields.

Part Numbers 17141
Contents 1x 100 ml Lysis Buffer, 1x 80 ml Purification Buffer
Number of Purifications 100x 5 ml bacterial cultures
Yield 50-100 µg of LPS from a 5ml culture of E. coli (OD600=0.8-1.2)
Methodology Cold phenol/chloroform
Protocol Time <45 minutes
Protocol Steps 8 steps
Storage >1 year at 4°C