MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Purification Kit III

FDA registered and ideal for COVID testing

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Extract RNA or DNA from VTM samples
The MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Purification Kit III, when used with a GenePure Pro Extraction System, can process 32 or 96 samples simultaneously — and in a matter of 15 minutes. Both kit types are designed for working with SBS standard 96-well plates and in a simple and error-free manner. The protocol basics are: i) lyse cells, ii) bind DNA/RNA to beads, iii) wash away contaminants, iv) elute pure DNA or RNA. These steps happen in single deep-well plates with mixing, binding, releasing, and even incubation temperature fully automated.

Each kit comes with a pre-qualified program, so it’s as simple as loading the program, loading the sample & reagents, and pressing “GO”. The  GenePure PRO System will do the rest. This automated magnetic bead-based purification technology is well-proven, and for this reason, the MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Purification III Kits are even compatible with popular automated extraction instruments such as the KingFisher Sample Purification System*.

Perfect for COVID-19 testing labs
These kits have been adopted by several testing labs in North America as it uses a well-established extraction technique commonly used by more expensive automated extraction instruments. The MagaBio Kits can be inserted into the workflow of these competitor extraction systems with minimal changes to protocol and documentation. The kits are even listed as a registered reagent (along with the GenePure PRO Instrument) for nucleic acid acid extraction purification from viral samples in VTM. See them listed under registered Establishment Number 3016635427 here.

*Kingfisher is a trademark of ThermoFisher Scientific. Bulldog Bio is not affiliated with ThermoFisher Scientific and does not sell KingFisher systems.

Part Numbers


Sample throughput 96 samples or 32 samples
Processing volume 20-1000 ul
Technology Magnetic bead purification
Recycle efi of magnetic beads ≥98%
Purification difference between wells <3%
Heating temperature control range Lysis heating temp.: R.T. +5~125℃

Elution heating temp.: R.T.+5-125℃

Required Consumable

96-array tip packs (BSH40S1), or

8-strip tip packs (BBSH05S1)

Shipping Room temperature
Storage Up to 1 year at 2°C – 25°C