Maxime PCR PreMix

Dried and Aliquoted Master Mix in Tubes

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Stable and consistent PCR
Maxime PCR PreMix contains i-Taq DNA Polymerase and all components necessary for a PCR reaction (dNTP mixture, reaction buffer, etc.) lyophilized in a PCR tube.  Because everything comes pre-aliquoted in a tube, it can remarkably reduce experimental error often caused by pipetting as well as provide excellent reproducibility. This product can perform PCR by simply adding your template DNA, primer set, and deionized water. The included i-Taq DNA Polymerase used in this product is a thermostable DNA polymerase of 94 kDa, which is expressed in E.coli by cloning the polymerase gene of Thermus aquaticus (strain YT1).  It is highly purified and stable and can be used to amplify up to 5 Kb from genomic DNA and cDNA. In addition,  the buffer composition is optimized so that the best polymerase activity can be obtained regardless of the template type or reaction conditions.

Contents PCR kits – 96x  or 480x 20µl lyophilized rxns in 8-strip  tubes
Part Numbers 25025, 25026
Master Mix Yes, just add template and primers
Detection Method Agarose Gel (Standard PCR Kits)
Storage 1 year at -20°C