Mini-Run Gel Electrophoresis System

All-in-one DNA separation

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Order your DNA analysis to go
The Mini-Run horizontal gel apparatus can be used for almost any agarose gel electrophoresis application. The chamber has a built-in DC power supply so you can just plug it in and be ready to run your gel. The cover and gel chamber are both made from an advanced etch-resistant plastic and the electrodes are platinum coated for clean operation and durability.

Down size and pay less
Agarose is expensive so why use more than you have to? With the compact Mini-Run, typical agarose use is 1/4 to 1/2 of a standard mini gel tank – and for many applications in the lab where only a small gel is needed to check DNA concentration and/or size, the Mini-Run system is far more efficient.

Electrophoresis systems are simple tools, so why spend top dollar on brand name units? The Mini-Run is the most cost effective way to stock a new research or teaching lab with high quality DNA electrophoresis systems. The integrated power supply allows for easy storage, set-up and running while minimizing safety concerns. Purchase one and find out why this is a popular choice for labs on a tight budget.

Perfect for teaching labs
With an on-board power supply and ability to run a gel in 30 minutes, this system is right at home in the teaching lab. Want to make things even easier? Try our ready-to-go agarose tabs for pouring gels. And for and inexpensive, easy and portable gel documentation, there’s our LED Gel Imaging Systems.

Part Numbers BMR100, BMR002, BMR003
Integrated Power Supply Yes
Power AC100V-110V, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage DC50V/DC100V
Bath Volume 250ml (for each chamber)
Comb Size(s)

(width x thickness x no. of teeth)

6 wells (9mm spacing)

12 wells (9mm spacing)

8 wells (6mm spacing)

17 wells (6mm spacing)

Gel Migration area 60 x 55 mm


110 x 55 mm

Size 192x130x60mm (L x W x H)
Weight 320g
Warranty 1-year