Myco-spin Mycoplasma DNA Extraction Kit

Purifies DNA from cell culture microbial contaminants

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Don’t let Mycoplasma contamination go undetected
Myco-spin Mycoplasma Extraction Kit efficiently extracts Mycoplasma genomic DNA from most types of contaminating Mycoplasma (up to 70 species tested). When combined with our popular Mycoplasma detection PCR kits, this extraction protocol gives labs the best chance to accurately identify suspect cultures. A column-based kit, Myco-spin is optimized to produce highly-enriched DNA from hard-to-crack bacterial cell. Providing maximum detection capability for PCR and qPCR-based assays, this extraction kit is great companion kit for the quality control of manufacturing processes and cell-culture related research. Major microbial contaminants that are compatible with this kit include: M. orale, A. laidlawii, M. arginini, M. hyorhinis, M. pneumoniae, and M. fermentans.

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Results from determining the minimal required amount of Myco-spin Mycoplasma DNA Extraction Kit purified DNA using the e-Myco Plus Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit. Cultured cells were extracted with Myco-spin Mycoplasma DNA Extraction Kit, the DNA produced was diluted with PBS buffer, and then used as a template for PCR analysis.

Contents 50 spin columns and all buffers needed
Part Number 17541
# of Steps  9
Total Protocol Time 20 min – 40 min
Number of Myco Species Detected >70
Storage 1 year at RT

1 year at -20°C for RNAse A & Proteinase K