MycoClean Mycoplasma Prevention Spray

Disinfect Your Laboratory

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Stop the contamination before it happens
Mycoplasma lacks a cell wall, making them unresponsive to most antibiotic treatments. If they infect your cell culture samples, experiments can be compromised. If you’re not sure if your cells are contaminated, try our wide array of eMyco PCR & qPCR-based Mycoplasma detection kits. But the best way to eradicate this nefarious problem is to eliminate the Mycoplasma before it enters your cultured cell media. MycoClean Mycoplasma Prevention Spray is the lab’s solution for decontamination of the lab’s cell culture areas, incubators, work benches, storage containers and apparatuses. With this easy and convenient spray, contamination-free surfaces can be achieved with a single application. Simply spray the instruments, tools and work spaces directly with this inexpensive reagent. Wait 10 minutes for it to volatize and your lab area is now effectively cleansed of contaminating microbes. The spray comes ready-to-use and is non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic. Eradicate your mycoplasma the quick and easy way!

Part Numbers 21083
Volume 200 ml
Mechanism Forms pores in cell membrane using osmotic pressure.
Usage For in vitro research only. Not for human diagnostic or therapeutics.
Storage 2 year at room temperature