nBIONIX Hypoxic Cell Culture Kit 

Low-oxygen cultivation for any lab

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Easy, adaptable and inexpensive hypoxia “chambers”

It’s sometimes imperative for life science researchers to recreate physiological conditions seen by cells – whether to ask important questions about cancer biology, developmental biology, apoptosis, regenerative medicine, cellular biology or a plethora of other biological processes. One condition that can be difficult to replicate is the oxygen-starved, hypoxic, environment associated with tissue damage, tumorigenesis, cellular differentiation and apoptosis.

Until recently, these types of experiments required cultivating cultured cells in a special CO2 incubator in which an independent supply of carbon dioxide gas and nitrogen gas are necessary to recreate a hypoxic environment for these cells. Such expensive systems have a hard time maintaining hypoxic conditions under 2% O2 levels.

This is not the case for nBIONIX Hypoxic Cell Culture Kit. These kits enable convenient, precise and inexpensive hypoxic cultivation. It can take less than 10 minutes to create a precisely tuned low oxygen environment from 0.1% to 15% O2 levels. The gas-barrier pouch contains a precision O2 meter (to provide continuous feedback), in addition to one or more dishes or plates of cells. This easily transportable micro-environment can be placed in a standard cell culture incubator for long-term incubations under hypoxic conditions.

Part Numbers nBIONIX-3
Capacity 2-3 Microplates, Petridish
O2 meter Yes, 1 x OXY-2
Gas Concentration Agent 20 per kit
CO2 Absorber 20 per kit
Gas Barrier Pouch 20 per kit
Gas Barrier Pouch Size Large – 250 mm x 400 mm
Bag Clip 3 per kit
Weight 2.0kg
Warranty 1-year