CapEasy Tool

One Tool, Two Functions

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For Capping and Decapping
The CapEasy was created to keep your daily labwork simple and less stressful. Sealing or removing the caps on 8-well and 12-well PCR strip tubes (0.1 ml and 02. ml) can often lead to loss of sample, cross contaminiation, and sore fingers.

This can be avoided by using the CapEasy Tool. The uniformly distributed pressure delivered by this nifty product ensures perfect sealing of all wells regardless of domed-lids or flat-lids. When access to the contents of the strip tubes is needed, removing the lids is done in a single smooth motion without the chance of knocking the sample out of the tube.

Using the CapEasy is, oh so, very easy!

Well/Tube Format 8- and 12-well strip tubes (0.1 ml and 02. ml)
Part Numbers NGFGCDC01, FG-CDC02
Caps domed or flat
Autoclavable Yes
Capping Function Yes
Cap Removal Function Yes