NucleoBooster Transfection Reagent Enhancer

Improve the Efficiency of Lipid Transfections

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Supersize your lipid-based results

Lipid-based reagents use the liposome-mediated pathway to deliver DNA into cells. Polymer-based reagents use an entirely different pathway based upon endocytosis into lysosomes. For some cell types lipid transfections work just fine. For others not so well. The same is true for the polymer-based reagents. NucleoBooster is a new and unique formulation which enhances transfection efficiency of plasmid DNA into cultured cells when used in conjunction with your favorite lipid-based transfection reagent. Utilizing both pathways simultaneously, this novel approach is completely compatible, and has been successfully tested, with most commercially available lipid-based transfection reagents. It’s simple – NucleoBooster increases transfection efficiencies without modifying any other aspect of your regular transfection reagent. Quick and easy-to-use, NucleoBooster is compatible with most transfection protocol. So why not give it a try and boost your results!

Part Numbers NB0500, NB1000
Chemistry Type Polymer-based additive
Delivered Molecules DNA only
Cell Type Cell culture, in vitro
Cell Morphology Suspension and adherent
Amount per Transfection 2 µl
Amount of Input DNA As per “lipid” protocol
Storage 1 year at 4°C