Pair-N-Share Tandem Co-Culture Wells & Plates

A New Way to Look at Cell-to-Cell Communication

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A “trans-well” design that lets you “see” the advantages
The Pair-N-Share is no ordinary “bucket-in-a-bucket” trans-well co-culture vessel. Because its wells sit side by side, you can observe changes in both wells (on either side of the filter) with a standard microscope. The old method “stacked” cells on two different substrates, making growth, communication, and observation less consistent and not easily observable.

The Pair-N-Share guarantees that cells can grow on identical surfaces in identical conditions, so no guesswork is needed as to the effects of matrix and positioning. The Pair-N-Share cultures grow and communicate side by side, with an optional filter restricting the flow of unwanted material. You can see the effects of intercellular communication in real time!

How it works
The standard Pair-N-Share set comes in two separate, 11 mm diameter polystyrene wells, with a tray for easy transport to and from the cell culture incubator. Assembly is easy, and you can do it in a standard hood. Just replace the side caps with a gasket, place flat, and snap together. Then add enough media so that the cells can start “talking” to each other. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Pair-N-Share wells can also be assembled in tandem with an optional 13mm filter in between the wells. The pore size and material of the filter can be adapted for any type of experiment, allowing for the ultimate flexibility in experimental design. The gasket ensures no leaks as your cells on either side grow, divide, secrete, and exchange chemical messengers. To simplify sample observation, the base adapter is sized to be equivalent to the footprint of a microscope glass slide. The possibilities are vast; Pair-N-Share vessels allow you to study the effects of secreted soluble factors such as exosomes, cytokines, and growth factors.

The all new C-Body connector well, allows for more diverse experimental options. Just insert between the A-Body and B-Body end components and multi-well tri-culture and tetra-culture analysis becomes a snap.

Try it for yourself!
Pre-packed in sealed and sterile blister packs, each pack contains 2 complete Pair-N-Share tandem well sets. It also includes a handy tray for carrying each mated set. You can choose the filter type, too–the only limit is the need for a 13 mm diameter sterile membrane, and we have those too! See how this one-of-a-kind cell culture technique can help your lab ask and answer new questions.

Part Numbers ARPS010B, ARPS001, ARPS002
Use Co-culture plates (Equivalent to Interactive Co-Culture Plate (ICCP) or UniWells Horizontal Co-Culture Plate)
Dimensions 36 x 23 x 16 mm (two chambers connected)

11 mm inner diameter well

Format flat bottom, round well
Material polystyrene, sterile
Optional Filter Yes, 13 mm diameter

0.03 um – pore size does not allow general exosomes to pass through, but it does allow glucose and lactic acid to pass through

0.6 um – pore size does not allow general cultured cells to pass through

1.2 um – pore size is larger so it is superior in passing proteins and exosomes

Media Volumes 300 µl for Non-coculture (below side channel) 1.5 ml for Coculture (entire well)