Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Micro-spin column-based purification of DNA & RNA from bacteria and viruses

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Easy and rapid extraction from mammalian-derived samples
The Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of pathogens, including most species of viruses and bacteria. Able to work with different starting sample sources including fresh or frozen plasma, serum, other cell-free body fluids (urine, saliva etc.), swabs and virus-infected cultured cells/tissue — these kits purify nucleic acids that are free from contaminants and impurities, and ideal for PCR and RT-PCR.

The simple, micro-spin column-based protocol can be completed in about 30 minutes. A powerful chaotropic lysis buffer dissolves and denatures most bacterial walls, viral envelopes and the nucleocapsids without the need for additional enzyme treatment. Nucleic acid molecules are released from these pathogens while damaging RNAses and DNAses are inactivated by the same lysis buffer. An advanced silica-gel membrane technology allows for rapid and effective purification of these nucleic acids without phenol extraction or ethanol precipitation.

Patho Gene-spin does not use harmful organic solvents, so it can be used safely many lab and testing environments. The genetic material purified by the Patho Gene-Spin kit can be used for pathogen detection, NGS analysis, cDNA synthesis, and other types of infectious disease research.

Part Number 17154
Number of Preps 50
Contents Lysis buffer, binding buffer, wash buffers, elution buffer, micro-spin columns
Pathogen Type Virus & bacteria
Nucleic Acid Type RNA & DNA
Sample Types Swab, supernatant of tissue homogenate, whole blood, serum, plasma, ascites, saliva and other liquid samples
Proteinase K Treatment No
Final Elution Volume 30 μL – 60 μL
Storage 1 year at RT