RiboCellin siRNA Delivery Reagent

A Better Way to Knockdown

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High reproducibility with no toxicity

RiboCellin is a strong-yet-gentle in vitro delivery reagent for siRNA . This lipid-based formulation achieves high transfection efficiencies into cell lines and primary cells with almost no cytotoxic or nonspecific effects. The efficacy of RiboCellin is often astonishing when compared with other popular RNA delivery tools. It is so effective, in fact, that input RNA can be reduced tremendously, and still achieve long-lasting gene knockdowns. RiboCellin is invulnerable to serum and antibiotics, the simple one tube, twenty minute protocol provides highly reproducible results. Request a free sample and find out why BioCellChallenge Transfection Reagents are reshaping how you think nucleic acid delivery.

They like it, they really like it

“… I am extremely happy with the RiboCellin product, it gave excellent knockdowns compared to our pre-existing reagent for some targets, something of a miracle actually …” Monash University, Australia

“…Dendritic cells are very easily activated by external stimuli such as transfection. RiboCellin was the only one that worked and didn’t activate my cells…” University of Melbourne, Australia

Part Numbers RC0500, RC1000, RC4000
Chemistry Type Lipid-based
Delivered Molecules siRNA
Cell Type Cell culture, in vitro
Cell Morphology Suspension and adherent
Amount per Transfection 2 µl
Amount of Input siRNA 5 nM to 40 nM
Storage 1 year at 4°C