S-Chip Disposable Sperm Counting Slides

Precise and Disposable

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Easy and precise counting
When it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), accurate sperm counts are vital.   The S-Chip for semen testing provides exact and reliable counting while simplifying the process. In a conventional glass hemocytometer, improper fit between the chamber and coverslip changes the volume of the sample introduced into the chamber — this is of particular importance for a sperm counting chamber as the z-axis dimension (height) is much narrower than those for common cultured cells. The S-Chip’s all-in-one “chamber with an integrated cover” solves the problem. The S-Chip contains two quartz grade optically engineered 20 µm height counting chambers that do not need coverslips. Just pipette the sample into each chamber, place on the microscope and you are ready to count. Then dispose once finished. It’s that simple.

Use Sperm counting
Part Numbers DCS-S01
Material Quartz grade optical plastic
Certifications IVD and CE
Dimensions 25 x 75 x 2mm
Chamber Depth 20 µm
Chamber Volume 2-3 µL
Chambers Per Chip 2
Tests Per Box 100
Package Individually sealed
Lot Tested and Certified Yes. Certificate in box