Sonitron GTS Sonoporation System

Ultrasound Transfection and Drug Delivery

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Deliver genes and drugs to cells

The Sonitron GTS is a device which can introduce genes or medicine into cells by means of cavitation generated by ultrasound. This technique is called “sonoporation,” and results in very little damage to cells; combined with the clinical use of ultrasound, this characteristic makes the Sonitron uniquely suited to clinical research.

Every Sonitron system relies on transducer modules, interchangeable units that require no calibration (since the Sonitron GTS can calibrate itself!) Both plane wave and high-intensity transducers are available. With the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) transducer module, the Sonitron GTS can also be used for FUS research.

The Sonitron GTS makes it possible to achieve higher transfection efficiency when used in combination with microbubbles, too. With the use of specialty microbubbles (such as Targesphere SA, offered by Targeson Inc.), it can even be used to target specific cells!


Part# ST- GTS, SV-25
Frequency Plane Wave Transducers: 1MHz
HIFU Transducers: 2MHz, 3.5MHz
Available range: 800k – 8MHz
Ultrasound Intensity Plane Wave Transducers: 0.01-0.5W/cm2or 0.1-5W/cm2
Duty Cycle On: 1~20, Off: 0~20, msec or sec
Treatment Time 0-20 min
Preset 18 preset conditions
Power Setting 1 (default): 100V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, Setting 2: 230V/50Hz
Size 310W x 230D x 140H mm
Weight 5kg
Warranty 1 Year