SwiftX Swabs Viral RNA Extraction Reagent

One Tip — One Tube — One Step

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Saves time, saves consumables and saves training

SwiftX Swabs was developed with fast-paced viral RNA testing in mind. This simple, 1-step reagent uses only a single tube and single pipette tip — yet provides results equivalent to more expensive, and more complicated, magnetic bead-based or spin column-based kits. Simply add the reagent directly to the swab, incubate at 90°C for 15 min, and then your viral RNA sample is ready for qPCR analysis. The activated reagent is compatible with cotton swabs, polyester swabs and FLOQ swabs. Not only does it work with dry swabs, it works equally well with swabs in VTM, VTM media alone, and even directly from saliva.

The only required equipment for SwiftX Swabs protocol is a dry block incubator — it can be used with common 1.5 mL microfuge tubes or easily scalable to 96 deep-well plates. No matter the throughput, the procedure remains simple, and the extracted viral RNA provides Ct values equivalent to other, more cumbersome methods, such as simple columns.

Intended Use

Extraction of viral RNA from swab samples

Part Numbers

SXS050, SXS200


Component E
Component C
Component P

Sizes  25 mL for 50 swabs
100 mL  for 200 swabs
Incubation Time 15 minutes at 90°C
Sample Storage Post-Treatment Up to 48 hours at 4°C
Sample Type Compatibility Swabs, VTM, saliva
Storage 1 year at 4°C for separate components; 5 days for Activated Component E
EUA (FDA) No. Lab must self-certify