TaqDog TUFF DNA Polymerase

An Engineered Polymerase for the Toughest PCR

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Comparable to other TaqDog Polymerases but more robust
TaqDog TUFF is our premier Taq-based DNA polymerase. It is ideally engineered for the most challenging PCR conditions, while maintaining solid performance — equally as good as any of our other TaqDog polymerases. The improvements start with increased thermal stability, which for difficult PCR can quickly resolve nagging issues, e.g. high G-C content, poor template quality, etc.

TaqDog TUFF is also incredibly resistant to common types of PCR inhibitors found in crude DNA extracts. For example, high salt concentrations have an ameliorated effect on this polymerase’s activity.

Because this is our best TaqDog polymerase, we’ve included the unique aptamer-based hot start technology. Now your reactions can be set-up at room temperature on the bench top which is ideal for automated applications. More so, this technology is reversible and greatly improves performance at lower annealing temperatures or with primers susceptible to dimer formation.

We now offer BUNDLES with enzyme + dNTPs for more savings and convenience! See bottom of page for order information.

Made for the toughest PCR applications
Starting with a fundamental improvement to both processivity and yield, TaqDog TUFF performs vigorously across a broad range of PCR conditions . Faster processing ensures that PCR is performed at maximum efficiency even when time-limited elongation steps are not fully optimized. Higher yields are the result of more full length amplicons over the course of every cycle of a PCR protocol, regardless of the conditions.

The end result? TaqDog TUFF is an ideal choice for difficult applications that start with dirty DNA samples. These include Colony PCR, direct-from-plant PCR, direct-from-blood PCR, direct-from-tissue PCR, and many other challenging amplification reactions.

Which TaqDog is best for me?
We now have three different options for TaqDog-derived PCR enzyme. Simply choose the one that’s best for your experiments. First, check out this quick reference of key features:

Next, check to see which factors are most important for your PCR experiment:

It ain’t rocket science any more

PCR used to be considered an art, but in the 30 years since its general acceptance into scientific experimentation it’s become one of the best-characterized bio-enzymatic processes. To this end, we ask you this simple question: why pay prices that don’t reflect this fact? All of Bulldog Bio’s PCR products are priced fairly and promise satisfying results. It’s that simple.

Species of Origin Thermus aquaticus
Enzyme Type Thermostable DNA polymerase
Form Recombinant – Engineered
Part Numbers TFTD010, TFTD050
5’–3′ Exonuclease Activity No
“A” Overhang Yes
3’–5′ Exonuclease Activity No
Processivity Rate 4 Kbp / minute
Amplification Limit confirmed to 5 Kbp
Enzyme Concentration 5 units/µL
Reaction Buffer (included) Yes. 10x concentration (no dNTPs)
GC Enhancer Included
Storage 1 year at -20°C
Shipping Temperature Ice. Stable for at least 3 weeks even at 37°C
DNase Free Yes
RNase Free Yes
Protease Free Yes
Mycoplasma gDNA Free Yes, measured at <10 copies per unit of enzyme
E. coli gDNA Reduced Yes, Measured at >10 copies per unit of enzyme
SYBR™ Green Compatible Yes
Hot Start Yes.  Hot Start version is aptamer based