TDzyme Tissue Dissociation Cartridges

Simple-to-use collagenase blends

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A new standard for tissue dissociation

Retrieving monodispersed primary cells – intact and healthy – from solid tissues is critical for many labs’ research needs. Both TDzyme C Pack and TDzyme Starter Pack cartridges contain a blended mix of high-purity, low-endotoxin recombinant collagenase G and collagenase H proteins originating from Clostridium histolyticum. Between them, these two disposable cartridges cover almost any type of animal tissue – and because these enzyme mixes are provided in a novel reconstitution cartridge, prep is a snap! In addition, the TDzyme Starter Pack contains a second cartridge with thermolysin (neutral protease) originating from Geobacillus stearothermophilus – allowing users to adjust the collagenase:thermolysin ratio so as to maximize cell dissociation from any particular sample. Each lot of these chromatographically-purified enzymes is carefully tested for high activity, has no animal product contamination, and is guaranteed to provide consistent results.

Innovative approach to reconstitute before use 
TDzyme blended collagenase mixes are freeze-dried in a patented reconstitution device. Simply inject cold sterile water via a standard syringe and the enzyme will instantly reconstitute to the desired concentration. No waiting, no degradation, and no unwanted precipitates. These freeze-dried cartridges are sterile, sealed, and completely stable at room temperature.

Part Numbers TDZTL010, TDZTM008
Contents: TDZTL010 Collagenase class I and class II (G/H) mix (2x 5 mg TDzyme C cartridges)
Contents: TDZTM008 Collagenase class I and class II (G/H) mix (5 mg TDzyme C cartridge) and thermolysin (3 mg TDzyme T cartridge). Neutral protease ratio (thermolysin) is user adjustable with this kit.
Form Lyophilized
Origin Collagenase = Clostridium histolyticum, thermolysin = Geobacillus stearothermophilus
Collagenase Purity Animal product-free, and ultra-low thermolysin content
Endotoxin Specification <50 EU/mg
Expression Host E. coli
Storage 1 year at 4°C. Freeze immediately upon reconstitution. Frozen aliquots good for 1 month at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.