ThermoQ Programmable Incubator

Heat and Chill without Condensation

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Now with a heated lid
Incubators should act as platforms to serve the varied needs of labs – compatible with many types of tubes or plates, capable of both chilling and heating, and performing multi-step functions. That is precisely what the ThermoQ Programmable Incubator offers. It boasts an interchangeable adaptor design and a built in heated lid. Allowing an extensive number of vessel types that can heat to 100°C or chill all the way to 4°C. The system can run independently for simple incubations or plug into your laptop or PC for multi-step programming. This means a single program can perform an enzymatic incubation, followed by heat inactivation and end with an ice cold hold until you are ready to retrieve your samples. The options are nearly limitless for this versatile incubator!

Tired of seeing the water in your sample condense at the top of the tube during an incubation? With its integrated heated lid, there is now no need to worry about evaporation loss in your sample due to condensation forming at the top of the tube. Go to lower volumes without worry. Your sample stays where it should, at the bottom of the tube, throughout your incubations!

Designed for today (and years to come)
Manufactured by one of the largest thermal cycler companies in the world, all Bioer sub-ambient incubators are powered by top-of-the-line thermoelectrics – from the world’s number one supplier of these heat pumps. With thousands of chiller incubators and thermal cyclers delivered to researchers across the globe, and a reliability rate in excess of 95%, you can trust in Bioer’s well-tested design principles. We do! And to prove it, every system comes with an industry-leading warranty that we stand firmly behind.

Bioer is the Best Kept Secret in Thermal Cycling
Bioer is a company that has serviced Asia and Euorpe for years. The company, located in the High Technology district of Hangzhou, began as a joint venture with Ferrotec Ltd. The partnership was obvious, as Ferrotec supplies up to 80% of all thermoelectric used in thermal cyclers today. Since its inception, Bioer has designed six different lines of thermal cyclers, has developed several OEM relationships with well known companies, and has manufactured more 10,000 thermal cyclers. You may actually own a Bioer thermal cycler and not even know it.

We are happy that Bioer has teamed with Bulldog Bio to introduce its broad line of quality thermal cyclers to the US market!

Temperature Range 4°C – 100°C
Heating Time <8 min (RT-100°C)
Cooling Time <8 min (100°C-4°C)
Heated Lid Yes
Temperature Uniformity +/- 0.5°C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.5°C
Maximum Steps 9 (when attached to PC)
Maximum Cycles 99 9 (when attached to PC)
Max Incubation Time 99 hours 59 minutes
Size 150 x 170 x 145 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 3.0 kg
Power 120W AC, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Warranty 1-year