ThermoShaker Low Temp Plate & Tube Mixer

Heat, Chill, & Shake!

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Shake samples under electronic refrigeration
Low temperature mixing (typically less than 20°C) of enzymes reactions or biological samples requires that shakers need to be placed into a cold room. The problem with that solution is that shakers aren’t designed to survive for days, let alone weeks in cold and humid environments. Soon these plate shakers rust and eventually fail.

Times have changed! The ThermoShaker is a perfect solution for simultaneous chilling and shaking of samples. This high-speed device maintains great thermal control from 4°C to 100°C. Simple to use touchscreen programming gives your lab complete control over shaking and temperature parameters. Each program can have up to five incubation/shaking steps – go from heating & shaking, to chilling & shaking, to simply chilling – all in the same program. We promise that the ThermoShaker will simplify tedious and time-consuming protocol steps by providing hands-free operation.

Designed for today (and years to come)
Manufactured by one of the largest electronic-chiller companies in the world, all Bioer sub-ambient incubators are powered by top-of-the-line thermoelectrics – from the world’s number one supplier of these heat pumps. With thousands of chiller incubators and thermal cyclers delivered to researchers across the globe, and a reliability rate in excess of 95%, you can trust in Bioer’s well-tested design principles.

Bioer is the Best Kept Secret in Thermal Cycling
Bioer is a company that has serviced Asia and Euorpe for years. The company, located in the High Technology district of Hangzhou, began as a joint venture with Ferrotec Ltd. The partnership was obvious, as Ferrotec supplies up to 80% of all thermoelectric used in thermal cyclers today. Since its inception, Bioer has designed six different lines of thermal cyclers, has developed several OEM relationships with well known companies, and has manufactured more 10,000 thermal cyclers. You may actually own a Bioer thermal cycler and not even know it.

We are happy that Bioer has teamed with Bulldog Bio to introduce its broad line of quality thermal cyclers to the US market!

Temperature Range 4°C – 100°C
Shaking Speed 300 – 3000 rpm
Shaking Orbit 3mm
Lid Yes, 96-well only
Temperature Uniformity +/- 0.5°C
Interchangeable Blocks Yes
Max Incubation Time 99+ hours or continuous mode
Size 310 x 210 x 145 mm (LxWxH) Base
Weight 5.9 kg (without block)
Power 180W AC, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Warranty 1-year