Tissue Grinder Mixy Professional

Motor-driven Grinder

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Grind Away
Tissue Grinder Mixy Professional is a motor-driven grinder and homogenizer for re-suspending pellets or disrupting soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes. The motor is powered by a 3.7V battery and can be used cordlessly for up to 4 hrs and is compatible with our autoclavable metal pestle or  our disposable plastic pestles.


  • Animal Tissue (mouse, human, etc.)
  • Bones
  • Plant Tissue (root and leaf)
  • Food
  • and many others…

Power 3.7 V lithium battery
Part Numbers NG010, NG011, NG006
Speed (with no load) 12000 rpm, suitable for animal, bacteria and plants samples
Dimensions 155 mm x 25 mm
Weight 0.2 kg