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Q.Instruments GmbH and Bulldog Bio Inc. partner to sell innovative mixing equipment in the US

Q.Instruments GmbH has offered its best selling line of mixing and incubation equipment, the BioShake series, to Bulldog Bio Inc. for distribution in the US. The partnership will provide Q.Instruments with a strong sales channel to deliver its patented lines of plate shakers and thermomixers to the US research community. Q.Instruments has already established the BioShake as a strong competitor in Europe, and is now looking to establish its brand in the US. Ella Fontaine, Vice President of Communications at Bulldog Bio stated: “This is another feather in our cap, as Bulldog looks to add compelling products that can generate excitement amongst researchers in the US. We look forward to using our extensive set of marketing tools to raise the brand awareness of the BioShake line.”